David All Group

The David All Group

Type: Private
Industry: Internet, Technology, Branding, Public Relations
Founded: January 2007 (Washington, D.C.)
Founder: David All

Offices: San Francisco, California
Washington, D.C.
Chicago, Illinois
Columbus, Ohio

Area Served: Worldwide
Products: See list of DAG products
Employees: 20+ (2011)
Website: http://davidallgroup.com

David All Group (DAG) is an online communications and branding firm with offices in Washington, San Francisco, Chicago and Columbus. David All founded the firm in 2007. DAG offers marketing, online development services and campaign management to various corporate clients, issue-advocacy campaigns and professional trade associations.

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Online messaging

The evolution of communications technologies changed many previously held rules for marketers, branders and campaign managers. DAG’s work is an oft-cited example of how online tools can be used to reach, engage and empower individuals to take action. At DAG, the philosophy that guides this type of engagement is known as 1-9-90, a pyramid structure that represents the path of influence from a single point to a wide audience.

Recognized as an industry leader in technology and strategy, DAG has been credited as the “difference maker” for dozens of online campaigns across markets.

Online properties

David All famously — and boldly — declared in a February 2011 edition of PRWeek that traditional websites are obsolete. “I am not claiming they are not still essential but, for the most part, by definition and largely in practice, the website has been overtaken as a medium. … As it relates to online activity and the future of connectivity, technologically and functionally, mobile matters more and mobility matters most.” PRWeek February 25, 2011.

Based largely on this belief and guided by the changing needs of its clients, DAG has become an innovator in the design and development space. The company has a record as a leader in building best-in-breed online properties.

DAG “socializes” websites to include the deep integration of direct-media channels like Facebook and Twitter, delivers “responsive” Web architecture that optimizes sites for any platform or screen size, and customizes social media to optimize content and design.

Brand management

The digital revolution of branding and marketing largely will be remembered as a time of immense possibility and remarkable success stories. The organizations, people and campaigns best able to leverage the reach and interactive power of digital mediums are seen as the smartest and most successful — and many of them have turned to DAG for guidance.

The Internet gives voice to even the most unknown brands or smallest marketing campaigns but also invites noise and clutter that can bury or undercut their messages. In this environment, even the most well-funded and respected brands need help reaching their audiences.

DAG approaches brand management both offensively and defensively. Employing tactics from Facebook community management and Twitter community-building to viral campaigns, online advertising and product promotion, DAG engages audiences of every size on behalf of its clients to deliver a proactive message.

But managing a brand or marketing campaign also means maintaining control of how and to whom messages are delivered. That requires more defensive actions. DAG provides a level of security for its clients through a combination of search-engine optimization on Google, Bing and Yahoo, Wikipedia monitoring, and media monitoring.


The DAG team services blue-chip companies, trade associations and non-profits around the world.


2011 PRWeek Awards

  • Best Use of Audio/Visual
  • PR Innovation of the Year – Finalist

2010 Pollie Awards

  • Best use of Social Media
  • Best Facebook Application
  • Best Use of New Technology
  • Best Facebook Page

2010 Reed Awards

  • Best Use of Social Networking Technology
  • Most Innovative Product of the Year

2009 Golden Dot Awards

  • Best Blog National Politics

2008 Campaigns & Elections

  • Rising Star

2008 eDemocracy Awards

  • Top 10 Who Are Changing the World of Internet and Politics

2007 Golden Dot Awards

  • People’s Choice Award for Online Politician of the Year