The Benefits and Drawbacks of Automated Trading Software Systems – The Real Picture

Binary options or automated trading software systems have generated a lot of curiosity in the recent past. These trading robot software systems are a set of algorithms which allow traders to lay down specific rules for any specific kinds of trade entries and exits which once written as a program, gets automatically executed by a computer. In simple short words, trade entries and exits are predetermined according to the programmes written and tested.

Many of these systems claim to earn big returns for even those investors who have little to no experience of the operations of a stock market, for example the Q Profit System. To know more about the binary options software visit

The following is a comprehensive list of the pros and cons of such systems:

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The Pros:

  • The binary options trading systems enable even the relatively inexperienced common people to overcome the challenges of trading in stocks and gives them a fair chance to earn good returns for their investments.
  • The system is automated and hence is a convenient option for the busy people who do not have the time and resources to invest on an in-depth analysis of the trading scenario and challenges before they delve into trading.
  • It helps even the experienced and relatively knowledgeable traders to diversify their portfolios and venture into newer areas which may hold better opportunities
  • The system is automatic and programmed by a pre-determined set of algorithmic codes, and therefore there’s no scope for the human element of bias and emotions to mar a trading situation.
  • The software codes written analyze the data available by the minute and verify it against the previous data and hence can give out accurate results and decent returns.

The Cons:

  • These systems do away with human discretion and intuition which many times prove more correct and apt in a given situation.
  • An automated system is as good as the logic used by its developers. Any error in the logic may cause a lot of losses to the gullible users of the system.
  • If there’s any malfunction, such as a power outage or poor connectivity, the system may spin losses and could be devastating for the users.
  • They are quite expensive to develop and get them running efficiently and continuously.

Concluding thoughts:

Every system has its own benefits and drawbacks. It is in your best interest to read and understand the markets and gain a personal understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Do use your logic and discretion to make an informed decision.

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