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It Is Still Worth Investing In The Bitcoins

While few are finding the possible ways to invest in the Bitcoins, thankfully, which is now feasible with the help of the automated trading platform, there are few others who are still skeptical about the practice, as they are bothered by a number of factors including the volatility of the Bitcoins. You need not be an expert to understand that the Bitcoins are volatile, as you can easily decipher from the drastic ups and down surrounding their market situation.

While the Bitcoin’s market value was $20,000 in the year 2017, it is now, only near $9500, which automatically urges few to question the reliability of the Bitcoins as a dependable investment choice. But, little did they know it is only a normal scenario with any nascent concept, which improves with the improving interests of the investors. Yes, the Bitcoin’s fluctuations depend upon the market’s whims, which will attain a stable state once everyone realizes the benefits of the Bitcoins and the underlying technology that supports it.

Indeed, the blockchain technology that introduced the digital currencies to us is lot more powerful and flexible using which many sophisticated developments can be introduced to the world. The highest benefit of this technology and anything that it supports is the security, which is very much needed in this world of growing hackers and phishing activities. Therefore, if you ask whether the Bitcoins are a dependable investment choice, the answer is always yes, which has also been substantiated by many experts from all over the world.

According to Thomas Glucksmann, the head of APAC business development at Gatecoin, a cryptocurrency exchange, the Bitcoins’ market value could as high as $50,000 by the end of December 2018, for which he refers to the below-mentioned conditions as the proof!

  • Increasing regulatory practices at cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Increasing institutional capital and major technological developments.

The call for stringent regulatory procedures for the Bitcoin-related practices is on the rise, which is likely to make their way to ensure the growing interests of the people in Bitcoins. Likewise, technologically, the Bitcoins are far superior to our regular fiat currencies, for which their Lightning Network, SegWit is a proof! This proves, the predictions of the experts favoring the Bitcoin’s growth and reliability are indeed true and therefore, with time the bitcoins can attain the stable state by gaining the confidence of the world, favorably!

Hence, it is, certainly sensible to invest in them now to reap the benefits later, conclusively!


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Reasons to join the league of HODLers in crypto trading

HODLing might appear to be a concept that seemingly contradicts the concept of trading. HODLing is nothing but “Hold on for Dear Life” a concept that several crypto traders have followed at some point or other. There are two types of people who trade with cryptocurrencies. There are some that trade short term where they buy currencies and then sell them off when the price reaches a high that they predicted. These give short and small profits. And then there are the HODLers. These are people who buy coins and then forget about them. They wait and watch the price grow and grow till it hits a massive high and then they would be able to effortlessly reap their profits. No matter which category you belong to, if you wish to easily make money from crypto trading then there are bots like the Bitcoin Loophole. If you read the Bitcoin Loophole full review you would be able to understand what exactly this offer and how these bots are beneficial.

When should you HODL?

That is the big question you should be answering. Because knowing when to trade and which crypto coins to trade at the given point and when to HODL and which coins to HODL at a given point is what makes you a smart crypto trader. This is a common strategy used by people who like to make use of the market crashes. Even the most trusted coins might drop a great deal when the market falls and buying in this dip and holding on for dear life would give a large profit in the long term. And there is one other group of people that HODL and those are the ones that bought at a market high. Imagine having bought a coin just when it hit its high, then you are left with no other option but to wait for the price to drop and then rise above the high that it previously grazed.

Why should you HODL?

The crypto market is known to work in cycles much like the other markets. So there are chances of the prices reaching the levels that were reached in the past.

There are regulations and talks going on in major world nations about the use of cryptocurrencies. And financial institutions plan to offer crypto trading platforms as well. With a lot to happen in the future, it would make perfect sense to hold and wait for the market to reach a high rather than to take emotional decisions. But at the same time, if you are someone who spends a lot of time watching the market then this time of high volatility would be good for short trades.

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A Simple Guide To Online Trading 

Trading is the dealing with goods in exchange for good in the ancient time known as a barter system. Then came the use of coins and currency and exchange became as selling, now the trade has become an all-new gesture with digital currency operation and trading in shares and stock and with other currencies has become an everyday entity.

Gone are all those days when people were scared to take the risk of gambling and stock broking. Now it is the easiest to deal and the most interesting hobby. It is also very profitable once you understand the proper rules and play it with interest. There is the introduction of many trading robots and they are becoming successful for their unique features. Some of them are the bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Crypto code, Crypto VIP club. These have been used the most and they have got many stars and likes from the customers and have positive customer reviews. This has changed the scenario by getting more trusted users for the software.

The Crypto VIP Club software needs special mention as it comes with the most enhancing features and is very customer friendly. It has the option of customizing the trading options as per user request and has the necessary control of the users. People find it very easy and convenient to use this. Another important aspect is the protocols it uses are safe and sound, so the worry of losing money is totally not there in this system.

This CFD tool opens for multiple trade possibilities when the trade is not in positive mode, it immediately opens and looks for the change of direction towards another profitable one.Apart from this, there are live updates about the market scenarios for the traders who choose to work on the manual mode of operation. Here they can exercise their freedom to invest or not and also regulate a lot with their decisions.

The reviews and information about this trading robot have come out with legit findings and the experts have given green signal to the traders to make use of this robot.It has a free sign up and very user-friendly interface and works on autopilot or manual exciting feature is that this software provides a list of 100 options to use for trading currencies. Traders have the freedom to choose from this list. So with all this, we conclude saying that this trading robot is the ultimate solution for traders beginners and experienced pro in trading.



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Trading futures- the benefits

Whether you are a professional trader or just a beginner you would be aware of the fact that there is so much happening in the market. While some complain that the trading bots are disrupting the market there are some who have made steady profits with them. And then there are the cryptocurrencies and the various regulations and opinions about them. Given the increase in the demand, there are also many new cryptocurrencies to try. If you are a crypto trader looking for a convenient trading platform then continue reading more about one such tool on that page.

While there are some direct trades like buying currencies and stocks there are also other ways to trade like trading futures. These are derivatives that bear similarity to trading options. There are also regulated contracts for trading futures in most countries. Given that managing risks is easier with trading futures this continues to be popular among many traders.

  1. Liquidity is even better

The volume of the future contracts that are executed each day is very high. This large volume comes with the added liquidity. And there are many traders who prefer trading futures to trading stocks and options. So there is a large number of buyers at any given point in time and an equally high number of sellers as well.

  1. The benefits multiply based on the chosen instrument

For trading commodities, futures are considered to be one of the best ideas. Even for indices and currencies, they work great. They also come with a high leverage. So they carry an inherent risk tolerance as well. So they are good for the beginners and the low budget traders who cannot afford to risk a large amount.

  1. Easier pricing terms

Trading futures comes with lower commissions. When you choose to trade futures with an online trading company the charges would be even lower. Besides, the lower fees levied the pricing terms, on the whole, would be a lot simpler to understand than most other trading systems. This gives another reason for the beginners to try trading futures.

Whether you are a newcomer or someone with a lot of trading experience if you are able to make the right speculations trading futures would help you make good profits. And this is also going to result in a diverse portfolio that gives you a rich learning experience in the long run. The price movements are faster as well.

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Did you know forward Testing is important?

Everybody who wants to invest in automated trading software like the CryptoClub assumes that backtesting is all that matters in determining the efficacy of a trading software. Whether it is this trading software or any other automated trading system you must forward test after backtesting.

Why is forward testing important?

Since the system is automated you need not monitor it hawk-like all through the day but having said that what will you do if good setups happen when you are fast asleep. Then there is the possibility that all live charts are different from backtesting charts so how will you know how efficient your system is? And finally, this is a psychological point, you will trade differently when real money is involved.

It is, therefore, necessary that you before you plunge full-fledged into trading you test out the method in a situation which is as close to real life as possible.

What is forward testing?

While backtesting is necessary to garner valuable information on how a system works it is not complete by itself in the evaluation of a trading system.  Forward testing is necessary to validate the data inferred from the backtesting. This performance test is like the litmus test that will determine how efficient a given strategy is in real life. Thus,  the viability of a trading system can be determined by the correlation between backtesting and forward testing. Forward testing will highlight any coding mistakes too.

How is forward testing done?

Forward testing is also known as paper trading because trade is carried out on paper. Actually, you can accept a demo account and test your strategy or open a live account for a minimal amount( money that you can afford to lose).

Forward testing will basically simulate a real-life climate and parameters and analyze how your strategy fares in the given circumstances. For best results ensure you carry out at least 100 trades before you can step into the real world.

In forward testing, all entries and exits must be written on paper along with the profit and loss. It is crucial that a trader notes every exit and entry diligently for a thorough evaluation of a system and according to the system’s logic or the results will not be accurate.

A common confusion people have for forwarding testing is which account to choose- demo or open a live account. As already mentioned, the method of trading is different when real money is involved. Hence, if you are serious, then try out your strategy in a real live account with the minimal amount.



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Investing in cryptocurrencies has become the latest trend. It seems lucrative because of a minimal effort that gives back some substantial returns. The key is to locate a platform that is reliable and legitimate.

The market is full of robotic trading software that specializes in dealing with cryptocurrency investments. However not all the automated robots are worth your trust, some may also turn out to be bogus. And so it is crucial to invest in a well-known platform like Crypto Code. Crypto Code is a completely legitimate platform that allows your money to grow faster than ever before. Find out more about Crypto Code in the review mentioned below.

What are the special features of Crypto Code?

Crypto Code is an mechanized trading software that is second to none. The reason for its perfection is that the developer and his team put in 4 long years into creating this system. They put in their time, effort, experience as well as knowledge of it. They even applied complex algorithmic codes and calculations in order to make the functioning flawless.

They even dedicated an additional year in testing the system for perfection and eliminating flaws if any. The result was a competent system that assures a stable income on a daily basis without much effort on the part of the investor.

One more salient feature of this system is that it functions on autopilot mode. This means the system can scan the market trends, look out of lucrative deals and even execute the trades on behalf of the investor. The competency of the system is so good that it can guarantee a high success rate.

This is also the main reason why the system can also be used by inexperienced users or those who have less time to dedicate to the trading.

In order to facilitate the new users, the developers have taken special efforts in making the interface user-friendly. This makes the navigation simplified so that users can use the system comfortably.

How does one go about the investment procedure?

The system is highly advanced and eliminates the need for any kind of installation or downloading.

The complete procedure of investment with Crypto Code is completed in 3 easy steps. One needs to start with registering and creating a free account with Crypto Code. After this one needs to transfer an amount exceeding $250 in order to fund the investments. The last step is to turn the automatic mode on and start trading.

In order to assist investors, they even have a customer support team that is available round the clock.


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Do you want to be rich and famous? Invest in Crypto CFD Trading

Success can be measured in terms of money, returns, position, power and what not! if you are emotional it is better not to be investing, as the game of chances is extremely edgy and nerve wrecking as the trading session opens every single day and financial markets are upbeat with every single pricing indication on commodities, stock, gold, silver, currencies and other financial instruments to trade on.

Buying a contract of difference, cryptocurrencies, are purely speculative products which are marketed to the investors as no risk on the underlying assets, as there is no physical ownership of the assets in general.

How good is CFD as an investment?

Contract of differences-CFD in cryptocurrency gives the leverage to traders to predict the price of digital currency like Bitcoins, Ethereum considering the highly volatile pricing movements in the prevailing markets. However, investors should be aware of the fact that:

  • these complex financial instruments of trade are subject to very high price volatility, and speculating their process could be tricky if not carefully looked into
  • since the price of the underlying assets are the core of CFD’s  the pricing could very very steeply owing to the market conditions prevailing,
  • A portion of the total investment is allowed to form a CFD; hence the margin of profits could turn around rapidly.
  • The offerings in the CFD come with a fee which is charged; the investor should calculate the profit made a net of the fees, which could considerably reduce the percentage.
  • to determine the accurate pricing of the digital currency with the volatile price conditions is difficult and investors should keep in mind the iota of differential pricing

Most of the CFD’s are regulated in the certain currency exchanges, as they come in with a lot of pricing fluctuations, experienced traders with sharp knowledge on the risk associated are the ones who can manage to make a good profit in leveraging.

However, with the software trading program, it has become way much simpler to purchase contract of differences for Altcoins, which is another cryptocurrency with higher chances of winning a huge favorable outcome. Now with so many software websites, one has a difficult time in analyzing Is Crypto CFD Trader a scam, which can be addressed once the user understands how the trade signals are executed, after subscribing to the demo version, before investing in the probabilities.

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Trade with Crypto VIP Club Software for Direct Profits into Your Account

Trading with robots is the newest way to trade in the cryptocurrency market; one can just observe and replicate the signals provided in a stock market, with just a few inputs in the settings the users can bounce into the digital currency trading circle with a limited amount of investment. The amount of benefit which one gets from the software is the result of the comprehensive charts and strategies which are provided for the trading for the user and the crypto broker.

Advantages of choosing an automated trading

  • it minimizes the flow of emotions, greed or anxiety once the predicted outcome does not fall into place is all done away with the robot doing all the trades quickly
  • multiple trades can be done across other crypto exchanges around the world and round the clock, making the probability to win high
  • time management is best with this option of trading as the user can do other things as no human hand is involved in the trade and, a full report  of both entering and  existing moments can be observed keenly
  • Rules can be set for the indices to trade in, when to enter and exit the market, the risk level which can be taken is present in the software.
  • Delicate situations when the user uses to leverage his position, the rush of emotions and knowledge gap can be a big hindrance and result in deep loss for the trader, which the robot takes care as they are highly complex permutated and combination of a lot of information and past data, to understand and map the trend by the robot.

The easy way to use the HBSwiss automated trading software is the hard work of the creator Andrew King and his solid team of professionals who have bought to the people a gateway to trade in the internationally acclaimed crypto markets. The trading fraternity has been truly amazed at the amount of information the robot processes within seconds and sends the trade signals for the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. the percentage of winning is high and for a beginner it is the most favorable way to mine their way into the crypto form of trading paired currencies, predicting the price of a particular currency on a time, which on expiration, one stands to win it all or nothing similar to the binary trading market.

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Simple and Profitable way to trade in Binary Option-FinTech LTD.

Ease to trade during anytime of the day from a computer or mobile phone, is the most flexible form of making profits from a favorable market condition is one of the reasons for the increasing popularity of binary option trading, the easy and on the go trading software platforms which has several types of trading modes for the users to trade according to their convenience and preference.

Understanding the rules of Binary option Trading

  • The simple way to make a game changer profit with a yes or no is how this form of trading works, the price of the underlying asset on a specified date and time may or may not be exactly the same as the price at which the asset value is predetermined. If the price fixed matches exactly as predetermined then the trader makes the profit depending on the amount invested and if the price quoted is a no then the price as per the markets one loses the entire amount.
  • there is no ownership of the underlying assets in binary option trading, hence it merely involves predicting the price of the asset and not own the asset as well
  • the amount of gain or loss is fixed in $100 per option, hence the profit is more assured and the risk level is set, hence the gain is either in $100, $200 or the loss is the entire amount itself and not in fractional amounts,
  • the exercising options vary according to the exchanges in which one is trading, in dealing with the US markets the trade can be executed and settled any time before the expiry period of the strike price, in European markets option can be exercised on the date of the strike price, which is important to secure the profit and reduce the loss.

How does FinTech Ltd. software work?

Using the robot which the software provides with ease to trade in binaries is the best feature of Fintech Limited, software trading platform which has the simple and easy automated trading modes to help the trader do other jobs while all the trade signals are picked and executed by the robot embedded in the software. The flexibility to operate the robot even remotely is a unique feature even if the trader is not online is the most advanced and quality of service which the creator has designed to help people to greatly benefit while learning the nuances of trade form the guides provided in their website.


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Use Bollinger bands to trade Ethereum

When you trade cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, you can use Bollinger bands to increase your probability of being profitable. Read Ethereum code review to know how to use these bands to trade technically.

The indicator is used to generate trading strategies and you should know the art of how to use them when you trade cryptocurrencies using technical charts. There are many trading strategies that are used using Bollinger bands. However, make sure that you use the one that matches your trading profile the best.

Bollinger bands

These bands were created by John Bollinger and some traders will tell you that they trade only using the bands which gives them a lot of success. The bands are used in order to capture the price movement of the security. It gives you a boundary of what the high and the low of the security will be. The indicator is based on moving averages that define the trend of the asset based on which time frame you are trading on.

The trend indicator, Bollinger band uses a 20-period moving average mostly. This is the default setting in most cases. The band has an upper and lower band and this helps to measure volatility. The upper and the lower band are two standard deviations from the middle band.

The calculation

This simple calculation will let you know how the trend indicator is formed.

The upper band = middle band + 2 standard deviations

Middle band = 20 periods moving average

Lower band = middle band – 2 standard deviations

Strategies used to trade Bollinger bands

The pattern formations like the double top and double bottom, symmetric and ascending triangles and head and shoulder pattern formations are commonly used. The Bollinger band lets you assess the strength that these chart patterns have.

The bands are used to understand if the security is in a strong trend or if it is volatile for you to invest in. When the band is very tight this will indicate that the security is trading in a very narrow range. When the band starts to coil this is when you should look for a breakout or a breakdown. This narrow ranging may just be a calm before the storm is formed.

In order to use this trend indicator, you should know about it thoroughly and have a better understanding of how to use it. You could then use it with some advanced techniques to generate more profitable trading signals.

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