Without a doubt, our valued clients are the most important component of DAG’s collobarative dynamic. To us, our clients are co-creators in the engineering of their movement.

First of all we’d like to thank Fintech LTD for our long-lasting and successful partnership.

We know that our clients are selective in their process choosing an agency to help them accomplish their goals, and we’re honored when they choose us. We never intend to be a factory or always have a silver-bullet solution. Being successful in the modern world takes hard work, dedication, creativity, attention, and expertise.

Our diverse set of unique clients fits nicely into three buckets: Corporate, Non-Profit, and Political.

::: Corporate Style :::

We respect our clients’ position to not always disclose our relationship so we’ll resist listing them here. However, we work on projects domestically and throughout the world with companies ranging from hundreds of thousands of employees to a few dozen. This includes brands that you use often everyday, to broader topics working to push their issues forward. As a tribute to our ethics in this emerging field, we always disclose our relationship with those we seek to build relationships with on behalf of our clients.

::: Non-Profit Effective Outreach :::

We work with the Right kind of organizations to help ensure that their message creatively cuts-through-the-clutter of a modern age. We do everything from the development and management of website platforms, to managing and building effective email distribution lists, to the production of YouTube videos, to online advertising, to the development of micro-sites and Facebook applications, to helping manage their entire online operation. And we’re just getting started.

Among others, we work with groups like theĀ Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute (DAG deliverables: About Video / DonationTube), Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education (DAG deliverables: About Video / DonationTube), Media Research Center (DAG deliverables: Latest Five RSS Feed Facebook App / Weekly News Quiz Facebook App), National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, Inc. (DAG deliverable:, Center for Military Readiness (DAG deliverable: Online Petition), and the Institute for Humane Studies (DAG deliverable: Politopia Facebook App).

::: Political Success :::

DAG was founded as the “Nation’s first Republican Web 2.0 agency” in January 2007 with the intention of working primarily with politicos and political organizations. However, we quickly realized that quite frankly, there was no way to provide a unique, cutting-edge solution to dozens of people competing for the same space.

Since then, at least a dozen firms have launched by inspired entrepreneurs to challenge traditional “website factories” and lazy vendors — and that’s a good thing. To that end DAG works with a limited group of political organizations and elected officials in the political space to help make them the “best” at what they’re doing. Our track record of success is well-documented and unrivaled.

Among others, we work with folks like the College Republican National Committee (DAG deliverable: micro-site / online advertising / online brand management), Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder (DAG deliverables: et al. online products), the House Republican Policy Committee (DAG deliverable: Official Committee Website Platform), and in concert with our co-founder Sendhil Panchadsaram,