The Importance of Time Frames

Before you start trading on the binary trading software it is important that you do thorough research and only then gamble with your hard earned money.Continuereading about the various factors that the algorithm considers before it places a trade on your behalf.


The time frame is a very important concept when trading using the technical charts. The time frame is the duration during which a particular chart is being studied. The system trades on a number of charts of different time frames like the monthly, weekly, daily and intraday charts. These charts can be customized as per ones trading requirements. For example an intraday trader would want to use a 15 min chart, a high frequency trader would want a 1 min chart and an investor would look at a weekly or a monthly chart.


It is common sense that when the time frame reduces the number of candles increases. It is important to judge the kind of trader you are and then take trades accordingly.


The data points can either be some useful information or it can just be some noise. As a trader you should know how you can separate the information from the noise. So in case you are along term trader you do not need to see the intraday chart at all. And in case you trade intraday then the 5 min charts are suitable for you. The trading algorithm is designed to suit all kinds of traders.


This is important for your trading career and also for you to be successful in trading. Knowing how to eliminate the noise and pick only the information is what the algorithm does for you.


Technical analysis believes that history repeats itself. This is one of the biggest assumptions that the technical analysts have. The patterns of the candlestick chart are dependent on this theory completely. However it is important to note that the factors also need to be taken care of that have occurred in the past. So the factors also have to be the same for the same outcome to occur.


The candlesticks are of various patterns and it is important to know ways to identify them to look at various patterns. The patterns help the technical analyst to trade. The candlestick chart patterns get formed when a few candles get grouped with each other. However thereare times when you can identify some really powerful signals just by looking at one candlestick.


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