The Categories In Technical Indicators

The Categories In Technical Indicators

If you have been active in trading you must have noticed the recent increase in the popularity of trading bots like Bitcoin Code. To know more about how these bots work and the features they offer check this out. Do you know how these bots actually work? The concept is very much similar to the way in which human traders make their decisions. While human traders pick a stock or any other asset and decide on a buy or sell opportunity they compare the results given by various technical indicators. The bots too rely on such indicators to make a decision.

When we talk about technical indicators there are plenty of them and each covers a different aspect of the asset and its growth. Here are the categories into which the common technical indicators are often segregated for the sake of convenience. So anytime you pick a set of indicators to make a trading decision it would be a good idea to pick one or more of them from each category in order to reach an unbiased conclusion.

Trend indicators

Parabolic SAR, moving averages and moving average convergence divergence are the indicators classified as trend indicators. The first is a leading indicator while the latter is a lagging indicator. When you study these indicators you would be able to conclude about the trend (bullish and bearish) being followed and its strength.

Momentum indicators

These denote how quickly the price movements take place. In this case parameters like the closing price of the previous session and the current session are all taken into account. Relative strength index, stochastic oscillator, commodity channel index are all momentum indicators.

Volatility indicators

Standard deviation, Bollinger bands, Average true range are the common volatility indicators. In this case, the direction of the movement or the speed would not be studied but the rate of change of the price would be analyzed by comparing the price changes with the historic values. You would, however, be able to predict points where the direction is likely to change.

Volume indicators

On balance, the volume is the most popular volume indicator beside the volume rate of change and Chaikin oscillator. Here the trend is studied not just on the basis of the price movements that occur but also the volume of the trades that take place. This would be a cumulative study that helps understand the actual causes of the price changes and thus make better predictions of the performance of the asset.

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Questions That People Commonly Ask About Planning Their Retirement Investment

Questions That People Commonly Ask About Planning Their Retirement Investment

Have you planned your retirement investment yet? If you thought you could start retirement planning just a few years before your retirement thinks again! Of course, there is the possibility to consider reversing your retirement or starting up a job after you retire. But still, there is no guaranteed income after the retirement period in the ideal case scenario. So it makes perfect sense to plan about your retirement finances way in advance. There are some who have started investing in cryptocurrencies which are said to help you multiply your money easily. And you can even do this with the help of bots like Bitcoin Code. If you wish to learn a little about this bot before you invest your hard earned money then check this out. If you are still confused about where to begin and how, to begin with, your retirement planning then here are the most common questions that people have and the answers to them.

  1. Does social security really matter?

Social security funds of many types are available across the world. These are funds that are easy to obtain and there are various flexible plans to choose from. One thing to remember while opting for the social security funds is the time when you choose to access them. The sooner you take out the funds, the smaller would the benefits be. Consider tapping them as close to your retirement as possible.

  1. When should I start planning for retirement?

‘Right now’ is the best time to start for investment or should we say, ‘yesterday’? It is never too early to begin. When you start early you can secure your retirement period with impressive returns with just a small investment.

  1. Should I consider deferred tax payments?

Tax-deferred funds look attractive and as lighter burdens in the present. But consider the future period where you would be cut off from your regular income. Choosing to pay taxes in advance would make it possible to enjoy tax-free income during your retirement.

  1. How much capital should I invest in retirement funds?

The answer to this depends on the size of expenses and the type of expense you would be facing during your retirement period. To begin with, prioritizing your retirement finances to get a better picture of how much to invest based on how much income you might need.

With the growing awareness and the increasing cost of living people now start planning for their retirement right when they take up their first job. This is indeed a stable and secure thing to do.

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Scalping can allow slow but steady progress towards your financial goals

Scalping can allow slow but steady progress towards your financial goals

There are some traders who are very specific about the choice of instruments for trading. But there are others who love to experiment with all the options that the various markets present. Cryptocurrency turned out to be one such unexpected instrument that gained popularity very quickly. You can take the easiest approach by using trading bots that allow full automation like the Bitcoin Code. If you are looking for more information about how these bots work check this out. In the long run, you would need a bot that allows partial automation so that you can retain the full control with you.

Irrespective of the market and the asset you choose, the way you perceive the asset and the price predictions you make would influence the profits you make. After all in the same market by buying the same assets there are some who make big profits while some that make losses. The difference lies in grabbing the right opportunity. Talk about trading strategies, one popular option is Scalping.

What really is scalping?

Be informed that this one works pretty well for the active traders who are ready to meticulously look for all the tiny fluctuations that occur in the market. In scalping, the trader makes quick tiny profits by making the best use of all the little price changes that occur. Even the tiniest price movements can result in profits if you are quick to act. Of course, you can rely on automation in this stage as the automated tool would help you place the order instantly once the set price is reached.

So what do you gain?

While there are some that say that big profits come to those that learn to be patient why should you even think about adopting scalping? It is simply because even smallest profits when consistently made, can add up and help you earn back what you deposited. When the involvement in any asset is brief there is the benefit of reduced risk. Major market events that might lead to major drops in prices can be skipped if the trading is brief. Any asset might take time to grow by a large amount. But small movements tiny growths are more likely to occur. So your chances of making profits increases. Though the size of the profits might be less, frequent small profits are equally as good as rare bigger profits, to some traders.

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What Do You Know About Your Debit Card?

What Do You Know About Your Debit Card?

Due to globalization and technology advancement, cash transactions have reduced tremendously and this is largely encouraged. We either use our debit or credit card for spending except in few a petty shops that do not accept any card transaction. They can be spent anywhere, anytime either physically or through online. We carry them everywhere we go. But, how many of us know the parts of the debit card both the sides. Hardly any of us have given a thought to realize and understand this power tool. Let us quickly learn the contents in a debit card.

Front of a debit card

The front side of your debit card contains the following information

  • Bank name: The issuer bank of your debit card.
  • Card number: The most pivotal part of your debit card. Your debit card is a sixteen digit number that is linked to your bank account of the issuer bank. When making an online payment using the debit card, you are obligated to provide this 16 digit number to authenticate your payment. You must give the utmost care to protect your card number.
  • Cardholder’s name: Below the 16 digit card number, you will find the cardholder’s name i.e. the authorized user. The name of the person authorized to operate and use the debit card. The user is open to make purchases and spend amount with his/her card
  • Smart Chips: You will notice this tiny small square shaped chip just above your card number on the right corner. This tiny processor secures your card. This is exclusively embraced to protect from any theft.
  • Expiration date: I am sure most of us notice this information while making an online payment as your payment merchant asks for the card expiration date. Debit cards are valid only for a particular period. You would need to replace your card if the term expires.
  • Logo: Logo indicates the type of card you hold. The most commonly used card is MasterCard and Visa. This is usually placed in the left end corner of your card. The logo detail is normally asked when you make an online purchase.

The backside of the debit card

The additional important feature is captured in the backside of the debit card.

  • Magnetic Stripe: The lengthy black stripe that you will notice in the back side of the card. This contains the information about yourself and the card that the special device “card readers” will read. Hence, when you swipe a card, you will run the magnetic stripe area through which card reader could read your details.
  • Card Verification Value: A CVV is a three digit number which is displayed next to your signature area. This is an additional code for security purpose. Again, CVV is generally asked when making an online transaction.
    • Signature panel: This is right below your magnetic stripe. Your card is said to be valid only when it is signed. This is a requirement for bankers and merchants must verify the signature in the card.

It is essential that we understand in what we do. This basic skill is required primarily in our job. Even though we have the Bitcoin Code software that helps the trader to trade efficiently, it is the primary responsibility of a trader to learn basic skills of trading before executing any trade.

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Do You Use Your Credit Card In The Right Way?

Do You Use Your Credit Card In The Right Way?

Maintaining your credit score is crucial as it would impact your loan amount or borrowings in the future. More the efficient usage of credit card more will be your credit score. It is important that you use your credit card wisely to maintain a good credit history. Unfortunately, many misuse its purpose resulting in lower credit score and poor credit history. It is never too late to start any beginning as long as you realize and learn something from it.

1) Never spend the maximum amount. As you are aware, you would be given a maximum credit limit for your credit card. This limit will gradually be increased or decreased by your issuing bank based on your credit score. It is natural that we get excited and tend to spend more during when we receive a credit card for the first time. Try to control your expenditure and spend within the limit given to you. Never spend the entire allowable limit.

  1. Self-motivation: We tend to spend more the very next day of credit card bill payment. This is typically a human psychology as you have a large amount to hit the maximum credit limit. Try to keep your purchase as low as possible. If you are unable to control your purchasing power, get a credit card with the lower credit limit. Motivate yourself to buy less. This will make your life better.
  2. Self-Discipline: Cultivate the habit of telling “no” to yourself when you want to use your credit card. Every month, keep aside a fixed portion of your income for paying your credit card bill and ensure you spend that amount only for the specific purpose. Try to pay your bills on or before time. Begin with one credit card and never buy more credit cards to pay the bills of your previous credit card. Paying your credit bills on time and controlling your expenditure does bring discipline to your living.
  3. Forecast the future: Sometimes, you might incur unexpected expenditures in a month keeping you away from paying your bills. In such cases, avoid making any purchase through credit card. During the month of financial difficulty, try paying the minimum amount in case you are unable to pay full. However, if you are sure of your future expenditure, do save for the same and try to allocate your income for paying the credit card bill. If your income is not sufficient, then try working overtime or purchase trading bot like the Bitcoin Code software and earn a considerable return from trading. By doing so, you can manage your funds during financial distress and maintain your credit score.

Building a good credit score takes time and it is equally important to maintain a good credit score. Plan your expenditure wisely!


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Hear What Financial Expert Reveal About Bitcoin

Hear What Financial Expert Reveal About Bitcoin

Online transaction, which is also known as internet banking, it’s an electronic mode of payment which enables the customers to conduct a financial transaction. Bitcoin is an online virtual currency called as a cryptocurrency or simply crypto which has been causing financial realm.

Experts Opinions

  1. Bitcoin is a technology that allows anyone to send money to anyone in the world free of cost. The protocol of this system has been immense intrinsic value as a self-regulating payment network. This platform like the internet can break barriers; it can break financial to information barriers.
  2. Bitcoin cannot grow wrong anywhere, it is a currency that is free of the central bank and government control and store as a proven value for people who lose their interest in their national currency for example Greece. But however, the supply of network is controlled by a function called mining. In Layman’s terms, mining is the only process to introduce a new currency to the market and it’s performed by minors who are those who perform expensive software to solve the mathematical problems in exchange for currency.
  3. As an investment, bitcoin will eliminate the need for exchanges making the global market easier by reducing the transaction cost, increasing the efficiency and ultimately reducing the cost of end users. The Bitcoin is not controlled by any central bank; thereby it reduces the risk of any form of manipulation by the government.
  4. It’s a truly a global currency that is not taxed at any level. Reports say that many attempts have made to harness the virtualness of the currency; the regulation has so far failed.
  5. FinCEN has issued guidance concerning the virtual currencies and their administrators. The NY department has recently sent several subpoenas to Bitcoin businesses regarding their policies to prevent money laundering.

As a trader or investors they have to learn more about this industry, the main thing that is looked into is the opportunities that are been offered by this system in the market. The price of Bitcoin keeps on fluctuating in the market all over recently. In the last 2 months, Bitcoin has risen to 100%. This volatility is incredible and if you are a trader or investors this is a good news and profitable business.

  1. A Hayek a famous Austrian Economist was a strong advocate competing for the currency system says that the Bitcoin model was created by a powerful innovative free market which will earn a global acceptance and will compete with all other fiat currency. The power of this currency is that no central bank can print the virtual currency and dilute its purchasing power; Bitcoins are the currency of the future.

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Understanding the classification of financial system

The financial system of a country refers to the various financial needs of economies different sectors and means and ways through which those needs can be met economically and efficiently.  Funds are needed to meet various monetary needs. The financial needs are usually met through different agencies and sources.

The financial system is divided into four components:

  • Financial markets
  • Financial institutions
  • Financial services and
  • Financial instruments

An efficient working of the financial system helps in smooth flow of funds to productive activities from investors. The financial market plays the most crucial role in helping both ends meet. There are various types of market exist.

Classification of the market

The market is broadly classified into the capital market, currency market and money market.

Capital market

The capital market helps in financing the long-term needs of the business. It facilitates lending and borrowing of long-term funds. It is further divided into 3 groups:

Corporate or industrial market- It is a market wherein the industrial securities are traded. The debentures, preference and equity shares and bonds of the companies are traded. In the primary market, the newly issued securities are traded and in the secondary market, buying and selling of secondary securities take place.

Long-term loan market- In this market, the banks and other financial institutions offer long-term loans. It is generally offered for the purpose of expansion, modernization, and business diversification.

Government securities market-In this market, the securities of the government are sold and bought. The securities will be issued in form of credit notes and bonds. These securities can be short-term or long-term.

Currency market

In this market, the currencies of the different countries are traded.  In last few years, a new market has emerged known as cryptocurrency market wherein the digital currencies known as bitcoin, litecoin, etc are traded. The trader has a choice to use the bitcoin trader software to help him with the transaction process.  You can gain all the information regarding the software in this post.

Money market

This market is into short-term funds that are for one year or less. Organized market and unorganized markets are the major classifications of the money market. Under unorganized market, you will find money lenders, indigenous bankers, etc.  They usually charge a high-interest rate.  In the organized market, there is a central authority who dictates the rules and regulations for the market to follow. The instruments dealt in this market are commercial paper, treasury bills, certificate of deposit, etc.








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Choose the best Platform for Forex Trading

Comparing different currencies and trading on them has garnered more interest in recent times, using automated online software, brokers, traditional methods are all part of the huge way in which all want to trade and gain in a short span of time. With or without trading experience imagine a person making $2000 a day, could sound very clichéd, however, there are a lot of success stories and thorns in this game of forex trading, where digital money is of most important form in executing favorable trades.

Best Features of Software forex trading platforms:

  • Instant returns,
  • good profits
  • simple and easy sign-up process
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Customized settings option
  • built-in analysis tools
  • aligned to good online brokers
  • easy withdrawal process
  • 24/7 customer support

The competition is fierce for the user to chose between plenty of such new and improvised features in executing profitable trades with every trade across several other exchanges also brings in the fact of how the winning ratio on an average be in the long run. With above basic features offered in most of the open source free trading platform the combination of the tight spreads used to monitor and give positive trade signals is the key to have good software to be used.

In the essence the connecting dots between the investor /trader and the broker is quintessential and how the broker uses his rich experience determines the authenticity of the trading signals and how soon the trade executed results in the profit is yet a make or break situation for the trader. While using the robot trading in the fully automated software platform like Bitcoin Trader the advanced features like no additional cost for free demo version are a great crowd puller and beneficial for the new beginners in the trading industry and how auto trades are placed.

Historical data, user friendly interfaces and small additional features makes the cut and the program that uses the combination of quickly analyzing the spreads, trends and markets, throwing out the signals when one is on the go, can just observe how the robot places the trades or simply leave them to trade on your behalf while there are other self-study or another important task which can be done, while the trades are happening in the back end. Trading efficiency is very important when it comes to forex cryptocurrency trading either in paired or solo currency owing to the high market fluctuations and time difference between forex exchanges.

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Where Did ‘Bull’ And ‘Bear’ Come From

How did the two terms come is something that is still not very clear but still there is some information on how the terms bull and bear came.

The bull and the bear market get its name from the way animals react to its victims. The bull will drive its horns, with its horns facing the air. The bear will swipe downwards on its prey. Bulls and bears are also popular contenders and most often they were put in the arena to fight with each other. The match between bulls and bears were a popular sport in the ancient times in Rome.

Another theory that goes behind these names is when the middlemen who used to be involved in the bearskins used to sell the skins that they were still to receive. These were the short sellers. After the middlemen used to short sell the bear skins, they used to wait and hope that the purchase price of the skin would be less than the market price that it was traded in currently. In case of a decrease, the middleman made a profit from it from the spread in the price. This is the price at which they sold the skin and the price at which they later brought the skin. These were known as the bears and the term got thus associated with those who expected a decrease or a fall in the market.

The bearish move

The chances of losses are very high in a bear market because the price is losing its value continuously. Where will the price stop losing its value is something that cannot be predicted? If you invest in a bear market thinking that the market will move to an uptrend then you may end up with a huge loss before the market turns around. Thus you will not be making a lot by buying in a bearish market.

However, if you short in a bearish market then you would be making huge amounts of profit. Take care that you short the market near the high of the market and not close to demand level. This is because the chances of the price reversing from the demand level are high and thus you may end up in a loss-making a trade.


There is no way in which you can predict what the trend of the market will be. So you need to make sure that you invest wisely. Catching the exact up or down of the market is impossible, so all that you need to do is to let the market make a lower high and lower low for a downtrend and higher highs and higher lows for an uptrend. Check the trading app.



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Bitcoin Loophole – An intelligent companion for active cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrency investing has become the burning sensation of the investment world today. Investment strategies and background took a serious turn on such digital currencies that the entire world is waiting to invest and earn good profits. It is pretty much new and perplexing. A simple start and a consistent support will make the trading simpler and interesting. One can get mentally strong and take the right amount of risks when there is always an intelligent companion. Bitcoin Loophole serves the best in this context.

Learning made easy

The software application is designed in a way that will help the beginners to monitor and learn. The clients have an interface to view the operations made by the brokers on behalf of them. In the long run, clients can study the movements to understand the concepts better. As there are professional experts, the quality of actions is always overwhelming. In a short span of time, the software has turned out to be a great source of inspiration as it has been progressing the success ladder faster than expected because of its intensive record. It is designed to generate signals daily to earn a considerable amount of profits on a day to day basis. This will increase the business and market knowledge. Following the major elements in the market and a regular watch will help in understanding the strategies. We can master over such investment practices and start manual trading without acquiring any assistance from the brokers.

Upfront technology

The working is very transparent in the sense that, the actions of the brokers are well informed and available for viewing anytime. Mining comes with nil extra charges. The profits earned are directly made available for withdrawal if required. It is a straightforward application that can be trusted at any rate.

Life requires a planned orientation to save and invest for a brighter and secure future. Travel with this best companion on the go and brighten the learning curve as far as cryptocurrency trading is concerned. As the investment is fairly liquid, we can use it for any emergency situations without panicking. The potential earnings can increase in multiple amounts over a period of time when there is perseverance. Digital assets are always secure and easy to maintain. Get well acquainted with this software to enjoy a fruitful trading experience when a great opportunity to earn is just on the way.



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