A Guide Towards Using 1g Profit System

All those who like investing online are constantly in search of a legitimate platform that can be trusted with their money. But among all the bogus websites and scams there is a revolution in the digital trading business by the name of 1G Profit System.

This software has changed the way people look at automated trading robots. Not only is this an authentic source with high competence. But is also 100% legitimate and can help your money grow.

The more time, the more money.

How was 1G Profit System developed?

The system was developed by a well known big-wig of the high frequency trading sector. He worked with all the big names on Wall Street and learnt all the tricks of the trade. Soon decided to launch his very own system, giving ordinary people a chance to make it big.

The development of this system involved a lot of hard work gathering experts to come together. The final result was this system that has been created with so much accuracy that it gives a payout with an unbelievable average of 99.8%.

This almost gives an assured income of around $2700 on a daily basis.

This is because the system has been designed to make some amazing market predictions. On the basis of these predictions the system scans the market for profitable deals.

What are the salient features of 1G Profit System?

One of the best features of this system is that it can be used as an autopilot as well as on manual mode. If you are well versed with the tricks of the trade then you can use the technical as well as fundamental analysis as well as any of 6 algorithms in any order you deem fit and carry out trades on your own.

If you are new to the trading world, you can rely on the autopilot method where the system will place deals for you. The system also has a ‘Personal Account Manager’ that will provide ‘one on one’ guidance about trading.

Either ways, you can take advantage of the Education Center that is provided to get more information about the trading system.

No downloading

The complete system is based on the internet and so there is no downloading that is required. All you need is internet connection and you are good to go. The system is also now available as a mobile app that can be used by all those who trade while on the go.

Creating an account

You simply visit their website and register for free. Then you get an email confirmation of the same. Along with the confirmation you also get a link to the broker who will execute the deals for you. The final step involves depositing a minimum balance of about $250 and your account is ready.

The profits are directly deposited in your account. You can also seek assistance from the customer support staff that is at your service round the clock.



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Attain Your Financial Freedom The Forex Trading Way 

Whatever be your age and whichever be your job, attaining the financial independence is not only yours but every one of us’ motto as it gives us the mental courage to encounter any threatening situation financially without much ado. A threatening situation or not, attaining financial freedom encourages you to enjoy your life carefree as the sufficient financial backing eliminates the need for you to toil at your work and instead, concentrate more on your other life’s interests, excitingly!  

Although there are a number of solid ways to achieve the financial independence at the right time, utilizing the forex trading way is one of the best practices as the entity being traded here is the currency, which undeniably could never go wrong in yielding you the best possible income when you know the significant ways to attain it. Yes, anybody could be a successful forex trader generating the most-needed money for their financial freedom if and only if they follow the following significant practices! 

  • Learn the nuances 

Half knowledge and nil knowledge, both are dangerous when comes to anything and so with this money-involving forex trading practice and therefore, spend some quality time of yours in deciphering the basic principles and nuances of forex trading, which could adequately prepare you to face any critical situations with respect to the forex trading practice. 


  • Decide your forex trading style 

Once you are comfortable with the forex trading techniques, it is now essential for you to decide your trading style depending upon your availability and your trading expectations so that you could kick-off of your suitable practice the right way to attain the most-needed financial freedom.  

If you want to ditch your full-time job and become a full-time forex trader, examine your current financial situation and understand, whether you would be able to manage the financial necessities as sufficient time is required for you to stabilize in this new field of money making. If not, you could opt for part-time forex trading after your office hours and with suitable knowledge and experience get going with your further forex trading ambitions conveniently and eventually, plan ways for your significant financial independence! 


  • Seek the help of the technology 

The technology is everything these days and so the case with the forex trading practice, where every basic to advanced trading movement is easily carried out with the help of the powerful forex trading tools, such as the 1GProfit System that helps every forex trader, irrespective of whether they are novice or the seasoned traders to achieve their goals excellently and generate money in a more sophisticated, relaxed, and successful way! 


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QBits Mega Profit System: As Simple as It Gets 

Forex trading sounds complicated if you are new to this industry and once you step in, there will be a million other things to take care of that seems to make it even more difficult. Most newbie traders end up making losses and avoid new systems in place because they can never be sure of the technicalities involved. This is primarily why a system like QBits Profit was initiated. A QProfit system review will show you how simple the process really is. The person responsible behind setting up the algorithm of this system had hoped to make it as simple as possible so that beginners can make profits and find hope in its efficacy. 

How can you sign up? 

You can sign up for free with the QProfit System and it is safer if you clear your cookies to make the browsing absolutely hassle-free. You can also watch the introductory video on the system and enter your email address if you wish to receive more information. 

You have to keep your account funded. Although signing up is free of cost, the initial amount of $250 is required to activate the software and to make it work. It is also required for generating trades and profits. One crucial step at this point is to check your account with the credentials that your broker will sync with the area where you are located.  

Start Trading 

The next step is to start trading. You will have to set the parameters, to begin with. You have to determine the value of the trades and the kinds of assets where you want to place your money. Once the confirmation is done, the automated trader will begin its work. Even if you do not spend hours sitting in front of your computer, trading and opening positions will continue to be in motion. If you do not wish to trade, you can simply switch off the automated software. 

Once the trading system generates the amount of profits that you wish to have, you are required to file an application with the broker. He will help you to withdraw your profits. Most brokers involved in this system are known to send the payments to the source from where you paid your deposit from. 

This automated trading system is available all over the world now. This sophisticated software allows you to fine tune your limits, targets and volume of trading so that risks can be minimized. This invariably enhances your trading experience and your profits. 

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Importance of Understanding Potential Failures in Online Businesses 

No matter what kind of online activity we are indulging in, we get to see all kinds of ups as well as downfalls throughout. There must be hardly any company on this planet that has not seen even a single failure in their business till date. If a firm experiences and enjoys great profits, the other day it can bear huge losses too. However, what should be done once there is a downfall in our company? Should we simply give up and lose all the hope? Or should we try a new plan? All these queries hit our mind during such tough times. This is why it gets important for us to analyse all possible failures in advance and always stay prepared to implement Plan B. 


Unfavourable impact of business failure: 

Whichever online business we are a part of- from selling commodities on the website to buying stocks or foreign currencies- every firm has to go through their share of tough days. Here are some of the unfavourable results of failed ventures or investments: 

  • When there is a failure in a specific venture, the person or company as a whole faces a huge financial loss. The entire money floating in the market gets wasted. Not only this, in crucial situations, it might tarnish the name of the company too.   
  • Going through a challenging phase shakes the confidence of a person. It affects his or her will power to pursue same type of ventures again in future.   
  • At personal level, people might get indulged in unhealthy habits like addiction and dip themselves in depression as well as stress.  

Keeping these factors in mind, it is essential for us to understand the after effects of failure in advance and keep back-up plans ready for recuperating. This preparedness allows us to get over such difficult situations quite easily and quickly.  

As a suggestion, we must try and keep additional money with us for such situations so that we can fund the priorities without any further hindrances. This cash will help you pay off the pending loans and rents, and allow you to be much relaxed.  

As this availability of money will keep the people away from stress and depression, they would be able to handle the situation without panicking. This will keep him or her strong and push the person further to recover from the loss. Several online investment companies such as QProfit System offer the right guidance to the investors and ensure that their investments are as fruitful as possible. Read more about QProfit System online and see how well it benefits all its clients.  



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Analysing The Advantages Of Online Investment Programs 


All kinds of online trading are extremely convenient as you are free to invest your money into any venture you think will profit you right from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to go to a bank or a particular office to find out the details of the program or plan and with the knowledge you have, you can judge how an investment would work for you. This is the reason why more and more people are getting inclined towards the industry of online trading. This has certainly become a reliable and profitable alternative for investors to increase their monthly income as well as boost the economy of their country.  

While being a part of any online investment, individuals used to be completely accountable for making his or her financial decisions. However, with the changing times, there have been advents of many brokers in the market who offer dependable and favourable online investment recommendations. One such leading broker in the industry is 1G Profit System. Such approaches to trading in today’s competitive scenario have completely changed the face of online investments. You might be simply required to pay some basic fee to the broker, but the result you achieve by the end of all this is completely unbelievable.  

Benefits of online investments 

Undoubtedly, whichever scheme you fund or invest your finance into, there will be one or the other kind of risk as well as advantage in it. However, when it comes to online investing, the market has mostly offered countless benefits to the financiers. Here are some of the most favourable pros of investing online: 

  • The best part about this type of investing is that you have great control over your money and flexibility to change the scenarios is always available. You have the access to overview how the trade is performing presently and change your decisions almost immediately if you realise that the market is not doing as well as you expected. 


  • You, as an investor, get to use different types of latest online tools to monitor as well as invest your money. The users get access to leading software and apps to see how the investment program works and use it for their investments. 


  • This is definitely a much cheaper alternative as compared to any other investment idea. You might be required to pay some amount in the name of brokerage. Other than this, you are not bound to make any other payment in this process of investment.  


  • This is a 24/7 open investment platform. No matter what the time is, you can access the program online and make investments the way you like.  

Make sure that you take expert advice before starting to invest in this market. Consult a good online broker and make this idea of investment a part of your life forever.  

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HBSwiss: One Of The Best Online Investment Platforms

If you have some money to spare that you wish to invest, invest them with HBSwiss. While it is understandable that online investment is often viewed critically, HBSwiss is different. The internet may be full of bogus sites that steal people of their money or share personal details putting privacy at risk. The name HBSwiss is synonymous with trust, efficiency, and competence.

If you want to see your money multiply, HBSwiss is your way. If you are wondering if is HBSwiss safe continue reading.

This shares the details of the research that was conducted to ensure if HBSwiss is a legitimate platform and if a person’s money is safe with them. The result was affirmative.

What are the key features of HBSwiss?

HBSwiss is an automated forex trading platform. Some of its key features include the complicated mathematical codes and sophisticated procedures that went into its creation. It resulted in software that may be complicated in the making but is very easy to use.

Right from novices to experts can all use it with ease. The interface also has many settings with which you can customize your account according to your preferences. Whether you wish to trade high risk or low risk or the kind of deal you would be interested in. While the software is designed to work on an autopilot mode, which means it will place the deals on your behalf, you can also change the settings to manual mode. You can carry out your own trades in a manual mode, also the settings can be changed anytime.

The turnaround percentage of HBSwiss is a whopping 87% which means the chances of you earning rich profits are higher than losses. Of course being in the trading market, HBSwiss cannot actually promise miracles, but the risks have been minimized such that they generate high profits.

How to earn profits with HBSwiss?

You simply visit the website and create an account with them for free. The next step is to deposit a minimum balance of about $250.

You are then redirected to a reputed broker who will approve your account and carry out deals for you. The best part is that all of this is done for free.

Also, you need not understand the technical details of the trade, just the basic knowledge is also good enough. The system works even when you are not online, so it is a perfect side income source.

Should you have any queries, they also have a customer support staff who is happy to help you with any finance related queries.

IS HBSwiss Legit?

The research that was carried out revealed that there was nothing suspicious about HBSwiss and it seems like a reliable platform that you can trust.


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Tips To Choose A Broker


 Every trader or even an aspiring one wishes to make the most of their trading time and earn huge profits. However, there is one important aspect that has a huge influence on your trading outcome. That factor is choosing the right broker.

The decision can be a difficult and confusing one with the number of choices available. Some might offer great services on the Internet. There might be others who offer the same in a traditional setup.

Let us look at some tips to make the process of choosing a broker easier.

Top tips to keep in mind:

 One may wonder if it would be a good idea to choose a full-service broker especially if you are new to the world of trading. Starting out with a full-service broker would be beneficial especially for novices to gain knowledge and build confidence about the various aspects of trading.

  • A broker should be able to respond to your trading needs quickly especially during peak hours. They must have the infrastructure to handle peak hour trades well.

One of the ways to ensure this would be to check the company’s website at busy hours. The website must load quickly and the links must be working well so that there would be no technical difficulties.

  • A broker’s reputation is a good way to judge their background. With plenty of resources such as reviews and testimonials available online, it is advisable to gather as much knowledge as possible before choosing a broker.
  • A broker must also allow investors flexibility in the methods of trading. It is not always possible to have access to computers. In such cases, a broker must be able to take the trades over alternative methods such as a phone or fax.

Also, check for the prices of these alternative methods as they may differ from the price offered for online trading.

  • It might also be tempting to choose a broker that offers the lowest cost of commission. This may affect the quality of services one receives.

Always read the fine print in the ad, as this would specify what services one would be entitled to at the rate mentioned.  It may also happen that the rate that is advertised would not apply to your trading needs.

  • Having an idea about the customer service would be an advantage, as this would have a direct impact on your future experience as a customer.


 The presence of trading robots or software like Fintech Ltdhas not made much of a difference to the many advantages brokerage services offer. Fintech Ltd has been in the center of a controversy that questioned the legitimacy of this software. Here is a complete Fintech Limited review for more information.

Selecting the right broker would hopefully be easier now if you keep the above tips in mind.

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Trading In Binary Options: Legitimate Or A Scam?


Anyone who is involved in the world of trading must have surely come across the debate about the authenticity of binary options trading.

While there are many who vouch for its legitimacy, there is an equal number who believe it is nothing but a scam. Before coming to a conclusion, it is better to know and understand all the risks involved completely.

Legitimate or scam?

There are several people who find great similarities between gambling and binary options trading. It is not an ideal investment choice due to the high risk involved in it.

It is also common to come across resources such as Orion Code who claim to give you a high accuracy rate in trading. You can read more about Orion Code on their websitefor a better understanding of their system.

Most of the binary options brokers run legitimate businesses. They would not steal your money or defraud you.

The issue is that they might not be able to fulfill the unrealistic expectations of investors. There might also be situations where an investor may end up losing all the money that they invested. Since they do not get the desired results, investors may end up believing that binary options trading is a scam.

Factors for winning:

While research and effort are important to produce winning results consistently, they might not be the only deciding factors. Luck is another important factor that has an equally big role to play.

In order to correctly predict how an asset would develop in the future one has to take into account various risks and variables.

The conditions in the trading market are constantly changing. Some of the issues that affect the market directly are the condition of the economy, political scenarios, recent business developments, etc. Apart from knowing about them, one must also be constantly up to date and have a thorough understanding of such factors.

It would be an added advantage if one were well versed in understanding and analyzing technical data such as charts, statistical calculations, etc. Having such an approach would greatly increase your chances of success.


Binary options trading require time and effort in order to learn about its various technical aspects. Though it may seem tough, this is the best way to trade in binary options successfully.

Placing trades randomly will not give you winning results always. In fact, it could lead to huge losses in the long run. It would also be beneficial for brokers to make money off of you if you end up on the losing side often.

Thus, binary options trading cannot be considered a scam. It is a type of financial gambling that requires knowledge and consistency for successful long-term results.

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Trading better with algorithms-an introduction to The Brit Method

The way we looked at trading now is a lot different from how people viewed at trading few years back. The recent technological advancements have brought a new life to the trading industry. We now have some of the most interesting methods of trading followed all over the world. We also have algorithms that can trade more efficiently and help those who are in their early stages of trading.

One such trading software that has recently been talked about a lot is The Brit Method. But this is also in the group of algorithms that faced a lot of controversies. Till today there are many who dispute that this is a total scam. There are also those that swear by the efficiency of the algorithms. This is also backed up by several success stories.

So what really is The Brit Method?

It is a trading bot that helps trade with the binary options method. This bot would handle the entire trading process and the trader would not have to worry about a thing. All that the trader would have to do is to make the deposit and reap the money earned in the trade. This makes this method one of the simplest trading options for the absolute beginners. Those who do not know anything about trading but wish to invest in trade can choose this. Those who do know about trading but have no time to analyze the market also prefer such trading bots.

No investment skills or a degree or course in trading would be required to start trading now. That is a welcome change. Earlier people used to hesitate to invest in trade mainly because of the lack of knowledge in the area. Trading bots like these make things simpler here.

The Brit Method review has a manual mode for those with good trading knowledge. This gives them more control. There is an automated mode where the trader need not interfere. This is mainly for the beginners who do not know trading. What all would the trading bot do for you? Everything that a trader does in trading-

  • Market analysis- for the trader to monitor the investment data round the clock, it would be difficult. But the bot does it 24×7
  • Understand the market scenario and make market predictions
  • Make financial operations based on the analysis.

For more details about the method, visit this page.


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Five essential tips for the YouTube campaign trail

It’s no secret to readers of this space that uber-popular video-sharing website, YouTube, will remain one of the top tools used (and misused) on the campaign trail. This website is not just a place to share your videos but also an opportunity to earn money online – one of the many as you could also trade using the Brit Metohd or sell the stuff you don’t need on eBay.

Since my company is the first to offer high-quality, affordable web videos to our clients which will largely be distributed through the site, I wanted to give five essential tips on how campaigns can and should be using web video and the site more effectively on the trail.

This essay takes a close look at the following five techniques and strategies for use on campaigns which face a decent challenge and have a reasonable budget:

1. Two-camera strategy at all times.
2. Watch the footage. Archive well.
3. Monitor opponent’s channel / organic search results.
4. Prepare known hit responses early / “flood the zone.”
5. Several different campaign YouTube accounts.

Let’s dig in…

1. Two-camera strategy at all times.

This is the new “First Rule” of effective campaigning in the modern world. As I blogged recently, liberal general Daily Kos is charging his readers to take action by screaming, “Every appearance by a top Republican official or candidate should be recorded. Every one of them.” As I said then, Republican campaigns need to follow this same advice by recording every single public event by their opponent. This is the first camera.

The second camera needs to be trained on your own candidate — at all times. The reason for this is two-fold: 1. Identifying problems before they break, and 2. In use for response to vids or MSM articles that get it wrong.

Let’s take a closer look at George Allen’s “macaca” moment to better explain why this strategy is vital. The original video was uploaded on August 14, 2006. However, the opening title of the video shows us that the actual event took place on August 11, 2006. This 72-hours was a gift that the Allen campaign could have used had they known what they know now.

Playing a little “Monday Morning Quarterback,” the first thing that should have happened seconds after George Allen made this statement is an email should have been sent from the Allen political operatives on the ground to senior campaign officials noting that Allen slipped up on the trail and that they’d need to watch the video (which Team Allen should have been recording) to make a better assessment of the situation. Hours after the event, the communications director would have watched the video and then pulled in the campaign manager for an analysis. Realizing that the MSM and Webb campaign might use this video snippet on YouTube to help draw the narrative that George Allen is racist, they could have either put the video out on their own terms first to own the issue, or likely waited to see what the Webb campaign did with the video.

Either way, having a camera on their own candidate and then watching the video before it went public/viral would have given them a better opportunity to respond.

Two other reasons to have a camera on your own candidate is, 1. In the event they say something particularly effective which would be good to upload to the YouTube channel or send to the media firm for possible inclusion in a spot, and 2. To help clarify a misquote by the MSM covering the event. We’re all human, even reporters, so if they pull a quote out of context you’ll have footage of “what the candidate actually said.” Video is always more powerful than printed words and you’ll win the argument.

Having a two-camera strategy is going to require resources, which means most campaigns won’t invest in the strategy. This is good news for those campaigns that do find value in being effective.

It’s going to require two reliable staffers responsible for each camera/target. The actual staffer’s don’t have to be senior campaign officials, but they need to have A-type personalities. In other words, they have to have the attitude to own this space. Walking in to Democratic campaign events as a Republican can be pretty intimidating. It’s also going to cost quite a bit of money buying the cameras and hundreds of DV tapes, external hard drives, or DVDs.


2. Watch the footage. Archive well.

By the end of a campaign, campaigns will have hundreds of hours of campaign footage both of their own candidate and their opponent. Unfortunately, having those tapes/DVDs/files will be worthless unless there’s a great record of what was said on each video. It’s more work than you’d think to watch a video and take notes, especially if you’re just getting back from a three-day tour of the state.

In a perfect world, proper viewing and archiving of the videos would fall on another staffer who has a better grasp of the issues and will be more involved with the implementation of the communications plan. I can’t put in to words how much a campaign will benefit by having two-sets of eyeballs on each video. Regardless, the campaign managers needs to make the viewing and archiving of all video footage a top-priority.


3. Monitor opponent’s channel / organic search results.

This essential tip resides in the commonsense category but it’s worth pointing out since it’ll be largely ignored at the peril of Republican candidates.

Back to our George Allen case-study, one way the Allen campaign could have had a jump on the storm of the “Macaca” video would have been to better monitor the WebbCampaign’s YouTube channel. Doing so is easy. Simply create an anonymous YouTube account (so the WebbCampaign won’t recognize the account) and press the yellow “subscribe” button on the channel. By subscribing, you’ll be notified minutes after a campaign uploads videos instead of waiting for it to go viral.

The other dynamic which campaigns need to pay attention to is what videos are added organically/anonymously. To find this out, campaigns should do basic searches on YouTube for the name of their candidate and that of their opponent. Also look for other searches in case the user didn’t “tag” the video very well. For example, along with searches on “George Allen” and “Jim Webb,” you should look for videos on “Virginia” and “Senate.”

Further, when you identify a video which discusses your candidate or the opponent, subscribe to that channel. They’ll likely keep trying.


4. Prepare known hit responses early / “flood the zone.”

One of the first things a campaign does is assess the strengths and weaknesses of both their opponent and their own candidate. Effective campaigns usually know what their own candidates’ weaknesses and vulnerabilities are and a campaign should expect to get “hit” on those issues at some point.

One way to better prepare for the storm is to make hours of responses to those attacks BEFORE the attack happens. By doing so, media consultants and the modern media operation will have loads of footage, already taped, that they can cobble an effective response with. This footage should be taken early in the campaign, before the storm, and while the candidate has free time not being spent at back-to-back campaign events.

At worst, you’ll never use the footage. At best, you’ll have the perfect response when a response is needed.

In the modern world, timing matters almost as much as the message.

“Flooding the zone” is a term introduced by Chuck DeFeo, former Bush-Cheney eGenius and current force behind the Townhall.com revolution.

The idea behind “flooding the zone” is to virtually take organic search on YouTube out of the picture as effectively as possible. It’s practically a last-resort tactic which will hopefully never be needed. If the decision is made by your campaign that a YouTube video, like “Macaca” is crippling the campaign, pull the trigger and “flood the zone.”

To flood the zone, upload dozens and dozens of random videos which have absolutely nothing to do with the clip you’re trying to make “disappear.” The real strength of the clips you’re uploading isn’t to respond directly to the video, but to confuse the YouTube user and make it impossible for them to find the video they’re looking for. The one thing every campaign can count on is that any web user has a slight case of undiagnosed ADD (attention deficit disorder). If they don’t find what they’re looking for seconds after the search has begun, they’ll tire, and give up the search.

One way George Allen could have done this is to upload video after video using tags and titles like “macaca,” “George Allen,” “listening tour,” “Virginia,” “Senate,” “Webb,” etc.

Finding the appropriate tags is easy. Just use the exact same tags and title as the video you hope people never find.


5. Create several different official campaign YouTube accounts.

One of the most important things I’ve learned about the YouTube community is that watching YouTube videos and subscribing to YouTube channels is a very personal experience. I’ve subscribed to channels because I like a certain “type” of video, but when that content quits showing up, I unsubscribe just as quickly.

One way to effectively avoid this is to upload videos based on the content of the video. Here are a few different channels every campaign should have:

*Generic official campaign channel – positive / TV spots / web videos for the site

*Official campaign news channel – TV clips pulled from news outlets

*Official candidate channel – personal to YouTube community

*Clips about the opponent – e.g., “The Real XX” or “Liberal XX”

Personally, I now have several different YouTube accounts which all have different content:

*DavidAllGroup – Videos I produce about my company.

*DavidAllSpeaks – My personal YouTube vlog which isn’t necessarily related to my company.

*DomeNation – The YouTube TV show that Jerome Armstrong and I produce.

*TechRepublican – Content specific to technology + politics.

This fifth point is one that NO Presidential or other campaign yet grasps. They upload every single campaign clip to one central account. The problem with that is that I could care less about 90 percent of what they’re uploading, especially the clips of their candidate on CNN or Fox News or whatever. I merely unsubscribe or quit paying attention to anything they upload because it’s just too darn much.

The strength of having different channels is that campaigns will – for the first time – be thinking less about their top-down tactics and will be thinking first and foremost about me – the consumer. They’ll actually understand how we – the YouTube community operates and grows: trust that what we see and say we want (by subscribing) is what we’ll continue to get.

Another way to think about YouTube subscriptions is like RSS feeds. I don’t subscribe to every blog at sites like Townhall.com because I know that I can pick and choose the authors I want to receive content from. The chances that I read anything increases because I know what I’m getting from the feed.



My five tips are merely what I consider the most essential elements for a modern campaign. As you might expect, this is only the tip of the iceberg but it’s a strong start which will help Republicans get ahead in the modern world.


UPDATE June 11; 4:11 PM: Politico’s Ben Smith calls my tactics “dirty.” Hardly Ben, hardly.

UPDATE June 11; 4:34 PM: A blog behind the New York Times’ “Select” firewall, called the OPINIONATOR, links up to this essay and writes:

Mastering the YouTube Campaign

By Tobin Harshaw

* The Internet is a mixed blessing for political campaigns, as Barack Obama and John Edwards have found out to their chagrin. Still, the potential of a site like YouTube is very tempting. Can it be controlled, made to stay on message? The Republican media consultant David All thinks so, and offers candidates these simple tips:

1. Two-camera strategy at all times.
2. Watch the footage. Archive well.
3. Monitor opponent’s channel / organic search results.
4. Prepare known hit responses early / “flood the zone.”
5. Several different campaign YouTube accounts.

UPDATE June 11; 6:17 PM: The New York Times’ political blog, The Caucus (which is open to the public), has linked up to this post and drafted a thorough report. Here’s an excerpt:

Working the YouTube Moment

David All, of TechRepublican and DomeNation and the DavidAllGroup, has posted tips for candidates to work the YouTube environs. It’s instructive, certainly, but also illuminating.

We know we’re not the first to link to this; Ben Smith at The Politico called our attention to it as did one of our sibblogs, The Opinionator, albeit on the Times-Select side.

But pay close attention to Mr. All’s extensive explanation of how to “flood the zone” in the event of a “macaca” moment. It’s not only good intel for oppo action, but he describes the ways in which a campaign or its supporters can manipulate, or we might suggest, “tube-bomb” ala Google-bombing of the last cycle, the system.

UPDATE June 12; 10:47 PM: This essay continues to make the rounds. TechPresident picked up on it. NPR too. The Political Realm jumped in for some commentary. And Tagean Goddard’s Political Wire ran with it.

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