Why Is There A Stock Market Index?


If you ask someone how the market was today they would say that it was good or it was bad. What do they mean when they say this?

Every stock in the market does not move in the same direction. So it could happen that one day 70% of the stocks moved up whereas 30% of the stocks in the market had a negative move. This led to the index value ending in positive and thus when one says that the market has performed in positive today it means he is talking about the index which is abroad representation of the market.

Understand the index

The index may have performed well and ended in positive but this does not mean your stock would have also ended in the green. So the index just denotes what the majority of stocks have done today. If the majority of stocks have moved up then the market is bullish. If the majority of stocks have performed badly then the market is bearish. The market is flat if the number of upward moving stocks and downward movings tocks is the same.

So the index basically defines a few companies and represents the view of the broad market. So when you are asked how the market has performed all that you do is to check the general stock trend to give the answer.

The market index

Every market has an index and this makes your effort easy where you do not have to track every stock individually to understand how the market has performed. The major companies or the blue-chip companies are packaged together to make the market index.

The index, learn more will let you know minute by minute about how the participants in the market feel that their future may hold. The indexing movement reflects the expectations of the market and when you see that the value of the index is going up this is because of the market participants feel that the future of the stock index is positive.

Indexes specific to a sector

There are also indexes created that are specific to a sector. The index would represent the broad market and the sectoral index can be used if you only intended trading in a particular sector. These include the bank index, IT index etc. The way that this index is made is also similar to the market index. The only difference is that the stocks that are selected to form the index are specific to a particular sector.


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What Kind Of A Market Participant Are You?

A married couple in a meeting with their financial advisor.

Every trader or investor in the market has his own unique style to pick up trades and profit from it. As they keep trading their style also evolves. Every trader will define his own risk and reward that he wants from the market.

The market participants are broadly categorized as traders and investors.
A trader

A trader is someone who will look for an opportunity and will then initiate a trade with the aim of exiting the trade early as soon as he gets the desired profit. The trader will have a short-term outlook on the market. A trader will be scanning for opportunities in the market all throughout and will base his trading decisions on the risk and reward that he gets from each trade. He can go long as well as short and has no bias towards the kind of position that he takes.

The traders are further classified as:

  • Day trader – A day trader will take a trade and close it before the day ends. He will not carry forward any of his positions overnight.
  • Scalper – A scalper is similar to a day trader; however, the quantity of trades is huge. The time period is less for the scalper and he aims to make a small but a quick profit. A scalper is ready to take on a lot of risks.
  • Swing trader – A swing trader holds on to his traders for a long period of time and the duration of his trades can extend even to weeks.

An investor

An investor, learn more is someone who invests into a stock expecting it to appreciate in value in the future. He will wait until the investment evolves and the holding period of stocks for an investor will usually be a few years.

Investors are further classified as:

  • Growth investors – The growth investors will scan for companies that may grow significantly because of the macroeconomic trend or because the industry is emerging.
  • Value investors – The value investors look for the good and well-performing companies which may be in the growth or in the mature phase. These companies, however, are undervalued now because of the sentiments of the market.

It is your style of participating in the market that should let you decide whether you are a trader or an investor in the market. Traders mostly trade using technical analysis which is the study of charts. Investors do a fundamental analysis of the companies to look for good opportunities.

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3 Useful Applications of the Blockchain Tech

3 Useful Applications of the Blockchain Tech

Do you remember the number of innovations that happened when the first computer was made? The world has progressed so much ever since Charles Babbage developed a programmable computer. There has been no stopping ever since.

Today, it feels like we are entering into a completely new era that will be governed purely on digitalization, especially with the creation of the Blockchain technology, something that is so unique and powerful. The Blockchain technology may be considered as the next generation computing system that has the potential to influence every walk of life. Check this out – three useful applications of the Blockchain technology that could capture your attention.

  1. Blockchain in voting systems

Political voting systems are always a very controversial topic, as people believe there is a lot of electoral fraud involved, especially in the form of invalid votes, inaccurate votes, and even multiple registrations. However, the application of the Blockchain technology in the voting system in any country can be an effective solution.

This concept is nothing new rather has already been put into use in certain aspects, for example, the BitCongress that employs an Ethereum platform to enable each voter to vote only once. Another instance where Blockchain technology has been employed is in the Remotengrity project that links every physical vote to a unique cryptographic code to confirm the authenticity of each vote. Further, an application called the AgoraVoting is used by the Spanish Congress.

Thus, digital voting systems will definitely ensure more reliability and convenience to all the national voters when compared to paper-based or the ballot-enabled voting system.

  1. Blockchain in IPR

Another field that calls out for authenticity is while verifying intellectual property rights or IPR. One technology that can definitely prove IPR is the Blockchain tech. Blockchain ensures the authenticity of the files submitted and proves the original custodianship of important documents.

An important advantage of using Blockchain tech is that it does not reveal any personal data about the person or his/her work rather all information gets encrypted onto the Blockchain blocks.

An example depicting the application of Blockchain in the field of IPR is a service called the Proof of Existence that was developed by an Argentinean developer, Manuel Araoz.

  1. Blockchain for Smart Property

Smart contracts are quite common. However, a lesser-known entrant that employs the Blockchain technology is the smart property that operates based on the combined principle of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the infrastructure that governs Bitcoin.

Here, the ownership of a physical asset is controlled with the help of Blockchain. Few examples where the smart property can be applied include in the operation of cars, apartments, homes, hotel rooms, and safety deposits.


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Have you been asked to stay away from this software?

Have you been asked to stay away from this software?

Facebook algorithms are fantastic:

I used Facebook extensively and it has been one of my most favorite apps. It has not only helped me to connect with all my kith and kin that I had lost to distance but now has even doubled up as my newsroom.

The kind of time I spend on the facebook is hilarious:

My friends and family find my time spent on the facebook hilarious and I am not quite embarrassed because it is my choice. I decide how and where I spend my time. I would rather devote myself to one or two applications than going on a host of them and then not knowing exactly what I am doing.

I almost forgot to say that I even log on to other applications on my phone and my laptop through facebook. I also sign up for them there and even download and install them on Facebook’s behest. So, you see a lot of my daily routine does revolve around this smart app.

To cut the long story short, I recently was reading up online trading on my facebook of course and also trying to download various software through it!

I was startled when I started seeing bizarre notifications warning me about the software that I was considering investing in. it was called Bitcoin Code and you can check this out by clicking here.

The notifications were acerbic!

Does whoever frame such notices?

Almost all the notification had something that was similar to each other and I knew that it formed one source alone and not from different people like they tried to project.

I decided to leave it alone and even though it categorically warned me from investing in the software, I went ahead and did it!

I cannot tell you how relieved I am to prove all those losers wrong. The software is a superb one which not just promises great results but also one that delivers on its promises.

I have begun to understand the tricks nowadays:

A lot of fraud websites that cannot garner people’s interest try to play this dirty trick with legit software. They mud sling on authentic software in a bid to create doubts in the minds of existing members and to scare away prospective investors. Till now their tricks did seem to work, not anymore.

I have decided to fight this good fight against the evildoers who are out to spoil the reputation of the actual legit software. If you know any software that has been victimized such, do drop me a comment below or direct message me. I will take it up proactively!

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Possible Job Opportunities In The Cryptocurrency Market

Possible Job Opportunities In The Cryptocurrency Market

No matter which part of the world we were sitting in, there was a time when we used to think about only one currency and that was the one stored safely in our wallets and bank accounts. Today, the scenario has changed drastically and several new opportunities have come our way in terms of strengthening our financial status and back-up. One of them is the ever-flourishing and favorable cryptocurrency. In the last couple of years, this digital currency has turned out to be such a blessing to the majority of the investors that they still can’t stop acknowledging it for the brilliant profits they made out of their ventures in the crypto market.

However, generating profits is not the only benefit that has been surfaced by cryptocurrencies. Another advantage of this particular market is the creation of new job opportunities in it as well. Be it a journalist or an engineer, the digital currency has created an environment where there are ample of jobs available for the majority of the skilled individuals. So, let us find out what all job options are available in the field of cryptocurrencies and how they can work in your favor.

Job possibilities in the crypto world

Some of the prosperous job options include-

  • Business Development Representative: Individuals involved in this particular job are responsible for building the brand name and reach out to potential clients in a variety of sectors for collaboration and deals. Some trustworthy knowledge regarding the sales department as well as great communication skills is a plus point for this particular position.


  • Data scientist: In this area, the candidates would be expected to analyze all the transactions carried out in the blockchain and authenticate them for further use. It is required that you have your education in computer science for this job apart for posing dependable analytical skills.


  • Financial analyst: One of the prime responsibilities of this position includes the understanding of different financial investments and how they can profit both, the trader as well as the buyer. A person having an education in finance and economics would be ideal for this position.


  • Journalist: People working in print or electronic media are a must in this industry as they would be the main source of the latest updates and information on what is happening in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. From newspaper to magazine and blogs to television, you will be required to keep a tab on all the updates related to this field and share it with the business owners in time.

Apart from this, there is always going to be needed for positions like machine learning engineer, marketing manager, and security architect to strengthen any cryptocurrency company. In fact, inspiration can be taken from successful online crypto trading robots like Bitcoin Code. They have the best of professionals on their team that help in creating an ideal environment for the clients. Check this out to know how they started and what their current position is in the market.

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What Is Your Excuse To Remain In Debt

No, don’t blame it on the lack of funds; yes, the paucity of sufficient funds is the fundamental reason for being in debt but there are several excuses that make debt a habit. It is not easy to deal with debt and that is why many individuals often avoid it and find excuses for resolving the debt once and for all. Here are a few common excuses often given by people, find out which is yours and work on eliminating it and your debt.

  1. My income is insufficient: Poor planning and budgeting can often lead to a situation where you feel you are not earning enough. Take a closer look at your spending habits; you will find several areas that can be addressed to improve your finances. You can also look at earning passive income from an automated trading robot like the Bitcoin loophole which will help you trade online from anywhere anytime and with minimal effort.
  2. I need a raise to clear my debt: This is a really foolhardy excuse because you do not know when and if you will get a pay raise given the current economic scenario. And during the waiting time, the debt will keep accumulating interest and will turn into a mountain that you might never be able to get off your back.
  3. There are other priorities: There will always be other priorities like saving for retirement or saving for your children’s college expenses. But that doesn’t mean you must let your debt take a back seat. It is crucial that you find a balance between your savings and your debt repayment.
  4. Where is the time to plan: What can be more important than planning your finances; your whole future and that of your families is dependent on it. All you need to do is to set aside a couple of hours a week to set your matters straight. You can use a debt pay off calculator to get an idea on how long on your current payments you will take to clear the debt. You can also calculate the time if the payment increases.

For some individuals, the debt doesn’t hurt and they think it is quite common to be in debt. Well, even if it doesn’t hurt why should you pay more than necessary to your creditors; just think of all the things you can do with the extra money that is going into debt clearance. Several people don’t have a choice, but if you have a choice then clear the debt right away.



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Choose The Right Business To Begin

The most difficult part of making a decision of beginning a business is deciding which path should be chosen. On might not know what they are very good at doing or selling which will be successful without having a support of an established business name attached to it. And sometimes it so happens that you are good in many different areas which makes and this confuses you as to which one to choose from. No matter what you choose, there are a few common factors that one can consider to keep in mind while they are choosing the best areas to build their business.

Play the Right Cards

The right cards to be played would be the strengths and interests you have. If bitcoin is your strength start with the automated trading robot. If you are a kind of person who prospers in interacting with other people, then sitting alone at your cubicle and working as an editor will be a very bad idea coz it will make you anxious. If you would rather be jobless than making calls to strangers than insurance job is not right either. Most of your time will be spent in looking after your business. Most probably you might spend more time that you are giving the present manager. In an ideal world, the person who starts a business should feel very enthusiastic and passionate towards their work every day when they wake up in the morning. You will be passionate about your small business if the idea you have chosen is related to your interests and are played using your strengths.

When someone is looking for a new job depending on what they have worked on past and what their area of expertise is can be compared to the process of deciding which area of business to go with coz they both are almost the same. The thinking process might be intimidating because there are a lot of options that are widely available, but again the most attractive way of looking at it would be that you will be your own boss. While you are planning your business it is not compulsory that you limit yourself to only the things that are present in your resume. Make sure to consider things that excite you and do not hesitate to take into consideration the ideas that might seem like they may potentially not make any money in the beginning. Any idea will be a success if you are very motivated.

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Three Black Crows Pattern- An Overview

Three Black Crows Pattern- An Overview

When you trade with the help of trading bots like Bitcoin Code, there would be technical analysis being performed in the background. All you would see is the result of the analysis which is the decision taken by the bought about buying or selling an asset. If you read a full review of the bot you pick you would get a clearer image of what really is done by the bot and how this would make your trading journey better. When we talk about technical analysis there are charts and technical indicators studied so as to make a comparison of the potential assets and then pick the right window to buy the chosen asset. When you say graphs or trading charts the one picture that most people can visualize is that of a chart with candlesticks. As this chart offers a lot of information with utmost clarity this is used by several traders around the world. In candlestick charts, several patterns might form depending on the market behavior and the behavior of the particular asset. Among the many patterns, the “three black crows” pattern is something that points out a bearish reversal. Understanding this pattern and the reverse case scenario, the “three white soldiers” pattern is a great place, to begin with when you are new to trading. These two patterns would be indicators of some major reversal occurring which can also point out the opportunity to buy or sell an asset based on your trading strategy.

What is the ‘three black crows’ pattern?

On a candlestick chart if you find 3 dominant bearish candles occurring subsequently it might indicate the ‘three black crows’ pattern. This is a relevant pattern when there has been an uptrend in the market for some time. If you try to see the finer details you would observe that the preceding uptrend candles might have been relatively feeble indicating a possible weakening of the pattern. Even if you had missed this signal the occurrence of 3 consecutive long bearish candlesticks (where opening and closing price are far apart) would definitely stand out in the chart. Also, note that in such cases the shadows of the candlesticks would be short. One other distinguishing feature here is that for the subsequent candles, the opening price would have either been on par or slightly higher than the previous closing price but then the closing price of that session would then have fallen down a great deal. For those looking for trend reversal signs to make a trading decision, this is a pattern to learn about.

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Trading To help Future Bitcoin Problems.

Trading To help Future Bitcoin Problems.

Last year December, the price of Bitcoin hiked after the CME, Chicago Mercantile Exchange announced that bitcoin trading would be started in the coming years. The future of bitcoin shows that it will pave the way for the investors. In this time, the government agency in France, the bank of France became the first to weigh on the prospects of Bitcoin.

Payment Acceptance

The accounting firm, PWC started accepting the Bitcoin code software payment which seems to be the first Bitcoin payment acceptance. This took place in the PwC office in Hong Kong, working along with many technology companies. The chairman of PWC Asia Pacific, Raymond Chao, said that this shows that cryptocurrencies are now a form of payment.

We can see from the news that’s been circulating that CME is one of the institutions, which have plans to trade with Bitcoin. The Chicago option Board Exchange is considering to launch bitcoin future trading, platforms by this year.

This has made hope for many traders and investors, will bring transparency and regulatory rules to the grimy market. This advent of the future trading market will give any ideas of the price.

Bitcoin Gold

The Bitcoin is been growing, which seems that through the years, many leading investors, miners, and developers engaged in difficult times, debates how cryptocurrency is growing in volume. On August 1st, last year new products were adopted for a new protocol, this made to split into 2 entities, the bitcoin cash, and bitcoin cash. During that, time bitcoin proponents looked ahead when another came into existence which is the Segwitx2x protocol. According to some reports, another fork might happen very soon.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange cannot solve all the issues arising from Bitcoin, it has made some provisions to some accounts. Terry Duffy, Chairman, and CEO at Chicago Mercantile Exchange, with an interview with Bloomberg. Said he is set to make some changes in the bitcoin fork contracts.

Chicago Mercantile Exchange and CBOE trading have legitimized bitcoin trading. The future depends on the number of traders, who will invest in the market size of the transaction. Bitcoin, in comparison to gold, is a commodity that is compared and the $7 trillion markets are still in the valuation of $ 198 billion. Bitcoin is not considered as a physical commodity or currency, Chicago Mercantile Exchange uses a daily bitcoin reference rate i.e BRR for the settlement of cash. Bitcoin Gold has a plan to hit the fork the cryptocurrency in 2017, Oct.

Creating another bitcoin process. A flow of cryptocurrencies that is based on bitcoin blockchain will enter the market soon this year. It has a direct impact on the bitcoin prices that rise and flow. Chicago Mercantile Exchange will have a direct effect on bitcoin future trading.




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Crypto Asset and the Financial Services

Crypto Asset and the Financial Services

In May 2016, when the blockchain revolution went to print in media, the Crypto asset had a value of approximately $9 billion. Ethereum has crossed $1billion in network value, becoming the second blockchain unicorn after Bitcoin.TheCryptoasset market value is a public company. It would have cracked the S&P 500 index. This Explosion of the crypto asset has captured the imagination of developers, a nongovernment organization, entrepreneurs, media, central banks, investing agency, public, and regulators. The digital assets and the underlying blockchain technology once was the domain of few passionate technologists, into mainstream interest.

The Captured Dissonance

VitalikBurstein, Ethereum’s inventor, captured the dissonance in late 2017  when the crypto asset market cap hit half a trillion dollars. There is a lot of hype in this market. When the Bitcoin code software same regulators are not in an easy position. Some jurisdictions, like Switzerland and Singapore, have emerged as a favorable location for companies to locate and operate for the local economy. Three thousand jobs have been created in the “Crypto Valley” around Zurich and Zug in the last few years. The Crypto Valley has around six hundred members in it. Smaller by smaller these jurisdictions has capitalized in a new industry.

Bitcoin was the first move in a long campaign to create an entire technology stack for the internet. There are seven types of class asset:

  • Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Smash, Montreal, and Dash
  • Utility Tokens like Golem, BAT, Spank
  • Natural asset tokens
  • Securities tokens like crypto equities, crypto bonds
  • Crypto collectibles like CryptoKitties, Rare Pepe
  • Crypto fiat currencies and stable coins (Fedcoin proposal, Singapore’s Project Ubin, Maker DAO.

At the moment we visualizing the largest transformation of wealth in human history from paperwork to digital ones. The internet was a free utility built by a diverse group of stakeholders, many of them volunteer with financial incentives, blockchain provides huge financial rewards for those who can build successful, scalable, and widely used technology through the underlying crypto assets.


Ethernet and Bitcoin to the outside world is a mistaken coin of the same side. Cryptocurrencies are the cash for the internet. Ethereum is a platform technology designed to onset to enable distributed application called DAPP. The core of the distributed application is small contracts, software that mimics the logic of business agreement. They are decentralized and are running on blockchains, they minimize the intermediaries like courts, banks, brokers, agents etc.

Ultimately, the government might move into the market and that the future reserve currencies of the world will likely be a mix of crypto fiat currencies like digital dollars and similar currencies alike, decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


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